The Rules Of The London Fashion Week

Now that the London fashion week has come to an end, it is time that fashion stores renew their collections with some of the outfits of the 2010/2011 winter trends. Every woman likes to wear garments that are in keeping with the latest trends; therefore, we figured they could use some information related to what they should or should not purchase this year.

The London fashion week is not just a show, but a place where women can get inspired for their new look. Enroll in the military service and buy a double buttoned trench coat as soon as you see one because designers have all manifested their interest for this style in the 2011 winter.

The military look works great with the earthy colors that were proposed during the show. Brown, yellow, military green, caramel are the colors that can be worn by every woman as they match all hair colors and skin tones. The makeup may be in keeping with the shades of the clothes, but for a more interesting effect, you may opt for a pink and golden-based makeup that will contrast and soothe the rather tough aspect of the military look.

The rock star look is another trend that was proposed by English designers during the fashion week. They confessed that they have taken their inspiration from the famous British rock singer David Bowie. For that matter, many of the t-shirts and suits presented at the show were highly colored with architectural and floral images. The models hairstyles have been arranged in keeping with the rebel aspect of the clothes; thus, if you want to look like a rocker you need to wear your hair freely.

Although many models wore leather jackets, the midi skirts seem to be in fashion this season, especially if they are made of blue jeans, cotton or satin. Contrasts are very appreciated by the English designers and as a consequence, they have combined the elegant skirts with the rocker thigh or knee high boots that have captured the attention of every fashion critic during the past year.

Charge your wardrobe with as many scarfs as you can find as they continue to be the favorite accessories of designers. In addition, you may change your last season big bag with one of the smaller hand bags that were proposed this year.

Its hard to resist temptations with all these attractive trends, but now you can leave all your financial worries aside and purchase any of the above clothes with little money. As a matter of fact, designers have prepared a lot of surprises for their customers, so it would be a pity for you to miss them.

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