There Isn’t A Better Way To Convey Your Unique Sense Of Style Than With Vintage Clothing

There is just something about yesterday’s styles that speaks to contemporary times. The 50s and 60s gave us elegant and sophisticated cocktail dresses which may draw you in. Or perhaps you prefer the designs of 20s like fringed dresses and cloche hats. It doesn’t matter what your preference, it is fun and exciting to wear vintage clothing to express your individual style. Vintage dresses have even been seen on the red carpet!

The timeframe between the 20s and the 90s is when vintage clothing is generally considered to have been made. Clothing from before the 1920s is “antique”, and 21st-century clothing is “contemporary”. The ever-changing classifications of this clothing is often a subject of debate for enthusiasts.

The obvious place to go shopping for vintage items is a second-hand clothing store or specialty retailer. Many larger cities – particularly those with a college or arts district – have shops specializing in older items. You can try on the pieces which is an advantage of these shops. You can’t go by the size on the label because clothing sizes have evolved over the years; case in point, a size 8 today was a size 14 in the 1960s. Try it on and don’t get hung up about the number!

Do not despair if you don’t live in a town which has a vintage store. Many internet websites sell vintage clothes online, and the selection can be quite extensive. A good vintage clothing website will list the measurement of each garment which is useful since you won’t be able to try these items on. To make shopping online simpler, get your measuring tape out and keep a list of your measurements next to computer.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect vintage item in your size. The supply of vintage clothes are limited – sadly, it isn’t possible to go back in time and produce more – and it can be disheartening to discover a perfect one-of-a-kind dress, only to find that it’s two sizes too small. This is where vintage-inspired, retro, and reproduction clothes take the stage. There are many talented clothing artists currently creating clothes that are inspired by yesterday’s styles, or even created right from vintage patterns.

You will find many vintage-inspired and retro clothes available on the web, with clothing lines which have all the flair and style of the originals. There are many advantages to these clothes; it is easier to find items in your size and reproductions and retro clothing may be easier to care for, as many vintage items are fragile and need careful handling or have special cleaning guidelines.

Accessories are important! The proper shoes, handbag and jewelry can complete a vintage or retro outfit. Once again, try your neighborhood second-hand store or vintage shop, when possible. There are typically racks of vintage purses you can sling over your shoulder or cases filled with costume jewelry that you can go through in your search to uncover the perfect piece. Don’t forget estate sales – these can be treasure troves of lovely vintage jewelry.

If your second-hand or vintage store doesn’t have the accessories you want, have no fear. You will definitely locate them online. No matter what you want, vintage or retro jewelry, handbags, shoes plus much more are available from internet sellers. The hard part will be staying within your budget!

If you want to showcase your personal style, vintage clothing is a perfect way. You can easily put together an amazing outfit with just a little bit of planning and looking around.

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