Top Ten Fashion Trends In 2010

Annual “fashionistas” hungrily look forward to the hottest fashion trends for the year from fashion capitals of the earth like Milan, Paris, New York, and London. Fashion designers held fashion exhibit every week in these cities to present their latest set to spectators. Mostly of the eminent fashion houses are headquartered in these cities.

1. It’s all about Eyebrows- Eyebrows are back for 2010. Brow art will be seen much of the year. Painted brows, colored, and bleached brows are popularly seen at a host of Spring/Summer fashion shows. There are now available eyebrow kits for perfectly groomed brows, you can it style upwards and finish it off with special gel.

2. Jumpsuits- This fashion style will be seen everywhere. It will be a hit among teens. We expect to see jumpsuits of every kind. They are quite popular on runways this year.

3. Mid Heels- Ladies will be pleased this year, out are the angle breaking platforms of former times. Mid heels is an stylish option for the office. Also making a return are the ballet flats and pumps that are widely put on by fashion idols like Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni, and Anna Wintour.

4. Tribal Prints- Imagine to be worn by so many. Tie dye tribal prints are gradually being included into tribal styles. The style is now emerging as cocktail dresses, draped skirts, and as stylish blouses. The surprising uses of the prints will make it visible this year.

5. Fiery Red Lips- This will be huge news update for the year. Designers are seen showcasing crimson mouths in their runways. Pale skinned women should utilize cool reds and dark skinned are suggested to apply orangey tones.

6. Knee High Pirate Boots- Captain Jack Sparrow must be shocked that people are following his sense of fashion. Knee high boots are now the latest leggings. They are now popularized by Rhianna. Certainly a must have for 2010.

7. Denim- Denims never goes out of fashion. This year denims will be a top-to-toe fashion look. Well-known designer Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney are utilizing denims into their project and use it in mixture of skirts.

8. Marvelous Florals- After seasons of masculine trends florals made appearances to catwalks this year. Floral prints are back on the fashion radar screens for 2010. Floral dresses are best paired with ankle boots under a blazer for a relaxed look.

9. Magic of Make-ups- Make-up will be utilized to highlight more of the brow bone above your cheekbones to make your facial contours arise. Just words of concern do not exaggerate it with over metallic base and eyeshadow should be matte.

10. Clashing Prints- Do not be overly concerned if you mix your pinstripe with your floral prints for 2010 is all about mash-up style as far as prints are concerned. It’s all about relaxed style. So go ahead let your imagination run wild this 2010.

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