What The FHI Runway Iron Can Do For Your Hair

It can be difficult trying to find a styling iron that provides the quality you’re looking for in a hairstyle. Nowadays, some women like cutting edge hairstyles, so professional hairstylists have to be on top of everything with the hair industry. Using the FHI Runway Iron can make the difference between a “plain Jane” hairstyle and one that stands out and gets noticed.

Using the FHI Runway Iron can make waves for clients that use this hairstyling tool. Professional hairstylists can use it to create various hairstyles. If you want a straight sleek hairstyle, this flat iron can do the job. If you want curls, whether they’re loose or tight, then this is the iron for you.

This styling tool uses Nano Fuzeion technology that helps hair cuticles and negative ions provide the moisture that your hair needs to stay healthy. It also helps to protect your hair from further damage. The heat stays in the styling iron so that your hair will receive all the moisture that it needs. Even if you have a color or rinse in your hair, you don’t have to concern yourself about it fading away.

Here are some other features of the FHI Runway Iron that you should know about:

* Can be used on damp hair to make it dry

* Ceramic plates can be adjusted

* Hair cuticle sealer to keep moisture in and humidity out

* Gets rid of frizz

* Takes a few seconds to heat up

* Ceramic plates bring far-infrared heat

* Provides a shine and luster to the hair

* Conditions the hair

With its ICHS (Integrated Ceramic Heating System), the ceramic plates do not let any heat escape. The heat is built in the iron for maximum effect. Because the temperature range is wide (140 to 450 degrees), the hairstylist has more freedom in hairstyling directives. Because of the wide range of the FHI Runway Iron, it provides them with more ideas for hairstyles.

On this styling iron, there is an Auto Sense Control system. This system is used to make sure the heat penetrates through all of the ceramic plate layers. This particular styling iron just happens to have six layers. This can help the hairstylist to create different styles with flips, waves, twists or curls. Or they just may go with the flat beveled style.

Since this styling iron is so slim and compact, you can take it with you when you travel. You can use it at home or away from home. The convenience in using it while your hair is still damp is great. There are many people that don’t have the time to dry their hair fully, so this styling iron can help them a lot.

This styling iron is considered one of the top of the line hair items to have. A hairstylist needs to have the cutting edge when it comes to creating hair styles for their clients. The FHI Runway Iron ranks in that group as one of the best styling irons that can make a client’s hairstyle stand out and be noticed.

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