Yoga tops, gear and accessories to make your journey towards fitness a creative outlet

Literal implication of the term “Yoga” may be stated as “union”. The word had its genesis in the language of the ancient India, Sanskrit from where the concept of yoga actually originated. The concept is basically the union of the mind, body and free spirit or soul. For thousands of years, yoga has had therapeutic effects curing and preventing harmful diseases through the reduction of stress and tension in ones daily life. Within the past twenty years, yoga has had a surge in popularity which has introduced an entire market of clothing, gear and accessories to the masses.

With the increase in the practice of yoga, the different varieties of yoga tops, pants and yoga gear and accessories have made their importance in the global markets. Yoga mats are the top of the list of yoga gear and accessories, as every yogi needs one. The industry of yoga mats are evolving to be a creative outlet of the individual, as mats are being introduced with not only a wide range of colors but also shapes, patterns, prints and mantras. Character is also shown through the materials that are used. Previously, mats were made from synthetic rubber but now a popular trend is focused on eco friendly and biodegradable materials such as hemp, woven mats, soy and natural rubber. How you carry your yoga bag is also is a display of creativity for the yogi. There are a variety of mat bags made from imported silk bedouin sling sacks to practical canvas multi-pocketed carrying cases. The varying types of yoga mat bags can be stylish and can be easily carried from the class to the cafe afterwards. It no more is an awkward feeling to carry your mat, and in fact people like to prefer their bags with them as it distinguishes the yogi within their community.

The wide ranges of yoga tops and pants too turn out to be an essential partner of the yoga lifestyle and practice. The varieties of yoga clothes are created from the comfort fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, soy or supplex. The most important aspect to athletic clothing is first comfort and then breathability of the fabric since you want it to wick away the sweat from your body. Supplex is basically an innovative invention from Dupont that has been introduced into athletic clothing across the yoga gear, which keeps sweat away from the body, so you can keep cool and reduce any skin irritation and most of all enjoy your workout. One’s own individuality and character is also shown through the athletic clothing they choose. Many different brands are emerging offering everything from lose-fitting silhouettes from India to tight fitting sexy Brazilian clothing. An array of color palettes are used along with designs, prints and embellishments to the garments. An endless assortment of options are sought-after such as pants, shorts, tall yoga pants, capris, bamboo yoga clothing, hot yoga shorts, petite yoga pants, organic pants and many more. These are all designed with a purpose in mind for the wearer to display their individuality, stay motivated to workout and most of all enjoy their practice.

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